CDC seeks approval of HAI survey for nursing homes

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has called for three years of surveys in volunteering nursing homes to tackle healthcare-associated infections.

In a proposal submitted to the White House Office of Management and Budget, the CDC said the survey would help understand the burden and epidemiology of HAIs, along with the use of antimicrobials in U.S. nursing homes. Gathering the information will help in the understanding the scale of the infections in healthcare facilities nationwide, according to the CDC. The proposal was published in the Federal Register on Tuesday.

The CDC says the survey's data will be used to develop procedures for healthcare providers to control and prevent HAIs in an effective and efficient manner.

The three years of surveys would be in states and facilities in the CDC Emerging Infections Program. Twenty CMS-certified facilities in each of the 10 EIP states will be selected at random, and participation is voluntary.

Respondents will not be responsible for covering any costs associated with the surveys. An estimate predicts a total of 5,217 hours are needed to conduct the surveys each year.

The OMB is reviewing the proposal.