Executive directors at continuing care retirement communities saw their national average salary rise 2.97% to $159,922 this year, while nursing home administrators experienced a more modest increase (2.2%) to $108,629.

Meanwhile, CCRC directors of nursing saw their annual salary rise 1.67% to $92,680. All figures are for same-participating facilities year-to-year in the “2016-2017 Continuing Care Retirement Community Salary and Benefits Report,” published by Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service in cooperation with LeadingAge.

Directors of therapy/rehabilitation nearly hit six figures, rising 1.43% to $98,767. Among hourly employees, therapy workers enjoy some of the highest pay in CCRCs (also called life plan communities). Physical therapist (up 2.59% to $44.14 per hour), speech therapist (0.80%, $43.92) and occupational therapist (2.36% $41.32) were the highest-paid hourly positions in the survey.

The 19th annual study included data from 536 CCRCs, covering nearly 87,000 employees. The report includes information on 17 fringe benefits, turnover rates and pay rates for 46 management and 53 non-management positions.

It also includes actual salary increases by percentage for five work levels (CNA to management), and projected salary increase rates for the year ahead. All increases in the year ending March 2016 were in the 2.60% to 2.71% range, with virtually the same range projected for the next 12-month period.

More information on the report, which carries a discounted price for LeadingAge members, can be found at www.hhcsinc.com.