Boomers healthy, conservative, new report finds

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A quick glance at the oldest baby boomers: They've been married only once; they have 2.4 children average; and conservatives outnumber liberals by two to one.

So says the MetLife Mature Market Institute, which recently conducted "Boomers Ready to Launch," a profile of the first baby boomers, who turn 62 this year. Some other notable facts: The majority (77%) of boomers say they are in good to excellent health; their net worth (excluding home value) averages $257,800; and their average annual income is approximately $71,400. One in five have children living with them. 

Baby boomers pose a looming challenge for the long-term care field because of their size as a population and their likelihood of living longer than previous generations. A worsening nursing shortage in nursing homes threatens to hurt resident care in coming years.