Bills would eliminate revisit fees, keep marketbasket increase

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Lawmakers passed an omnibus bill this week that would eliminate revisit user fees.

Prior to the passage of the bill (H.R. 2764), the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services extended the revisit user fee into 2008. It expired on Dec. 14. Providers are against the revisit user fee system, which charges a fee to facilities that require a revisit survey as a result of deficiencies cited. The fees for skilled nursing facilities are $168 for an offsite revisit survey and $2,072 for an onsite revisit survey.

Meanwhile, Congress passed a Medicare bill that also offered some relief to providers. The bill would continue the exceptions process for therapy caps. It also would leaving funding for the 3.3% market basket increase alone. Unfortunately, the bill would freeze the 75% Rule, a therapy rule that ultimately benefits skilled nursing providers, at 60%.