Attorney general sues facility that locked residents in with sex offenders

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The Minnesota Attorney General brought suit against a Minneapolis nursing home for locking at least 10 women in a secure third floor facility with sex offenders. The suit, filed Wednesday, said four men who were who were under the control of the Corrections Department when they were put in the Concordia Care Center abused the women. The lawsuit claims the home accepted referrals for offenders from 2002 to 2004.

Attorney General Mike Hatch asked that the men be removed and that a court-appointed administrator take over the nursing home, according to the suit.

Concordia's administrator did not return calls from the Associated Press seeking comment. Corrections Commissioner Joan Fabian told the Associated Press her department should not be blamed for the care center's mistakes in overseeing the men, who were all considered too mentally ill or physically handicapped for the prison system.

The home is specially licensed to treat the mentally ill. Hatch said Department of Health inspectors first brought the matter to his attention.