Assisted living salaries increased, turnover decreased in 2012, report says

Assisted living administrators’ national average salary was $77,729 in 2012, according to the newly released 2012-2013 Assisted Living Salary & Benefits Report.

Assisted living directors of nursing had an average salary of $60,599.

In “same-facility” comparisons between 2011 and 2012, salary increases averaged 2.58%. Among 24 titles receiving hourly wages, lead resident assistants saw the greatest increase, of 2.72%, and dietary chefs saw the lowest, of 0.33%. The turnover and vacancy rates for certified nursing assistants and resident assistants also dropped in 2012.

Nearly 2,000 assisted living facilities responded to the survey, of which 1,790 were for-profit. The survey reflects compensation data on more than 99,524 employees nationwide.

The Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service published the LeadingAge-endorsed report, with cooperation from the National Center for Assisted Living. For more information, visit