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Ask the payment expert
Ask the payment expert
How is the new Quality Indicator Survey process going to affect facilities?

The Quality Indicator Survey process was piloted in six states: California, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana and Ohio.  This year, it also is being implemented in Minnesota. 

This new survey process continues to utilize MDS data, resident interviews, family interviews and record reviews. It is a very automated process and is expected to take a lot of subjectivity out of the process.

We expect this process to continue rolling out in more states across the country.  Surveyors are learning a whole new process so it may take a while to implement in more states. The accuracy of the MDS, resident-centered care and customer satisfaction are key areas for review within your facility to prepare for this.

Can we utilize the MDS correction process to change the Assessment Reference Date (ARD)?

You can use the correction process to change the ARD if you made an error in entering the correct data. For example, you entered 2/29/08 but your staff utilized 2/19/08 when entering MDS data. You should not, however, use the correction process to change an ARD because you realize later that you could have captured better reimbursement if you used a different date.

The RAI Manual states that the correction process is used for correction of erroneous MDS data previously submitted and accepted into the State MDS database. 

Changing an ARD except as previously stated is not correcting erroneous information. Your approach should be to set the correct ARD up front by having an interdisciplinary process that looks at which day within the allowable days is the best to utilize in capturing the best data that will give you the best reimbursement.  

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