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Ask the payment expert
Ask the payment expert
When should we start training our staff on the MDS 3.0?

We intended to start developing training in January. You need to be aware that with the upcoming completion of the STRIVE time study the MDS 3.0 implications on the payment systems probably will change. 

We will need to wait to train staff in RUGs changes until CMS publishes those changes, probably later this year or early next year. At the same time, it is still essential that you continue to train your staff in the present MDS 2.0. From a reimbursement standpoint, accurate coding of the preadmission data still remains a priority.

We still see facilities that are not capturing correct reimbursement by not capturing all qualifiers during the “look-back” period.  We expect some of those “look-back” periods will change with the new MDS 3.0, so don't miss the current opportunity. 

How do I know when changes are made in the MDS rules?

CMS posts to the Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) manual Web site whenever it is making changes. It will generally post these on the last Monday of the month. Changes are effective immediately.

If you have not received the most recent revisions you can find them at http://www.
Patricia Boyer, MSM, NHA, RN
President, Boyer & Associates, LLC
20_NHQIMDS20.asp and look for RAI Manual January 2008 update. You should assign a staff member to check this Web site monthly for any new changes.