Has the new survey process really changed much?

It really depends on the state you are from whether this is a different process or not.

Those states that previously were Quality Indicator Survey (QIS) will find that much of the new survey process is the same, with some tasks incorporating the old traditional survey process. Those states that remained in the traditional survey process will see more of a change.

Some states have not seen much difference and the outcome of the surveys have compared quite the same as previous years. Others, not so much the same.

This new process reflects the focus on resident-centered care. It is essential that everything you do keeps the resident in focus. Whether it is daily routines, individualized care plans or choices in care, the resident’s voice is primary.

More deficiencies have been seen in some areas with more carryover of issues from one deficiency to another. The most important thing is to remember that the survey process is nothing more than verifying you are providing good care, giving your residents a voice and following standards of practice.

Your preparation should include completing all the paperwork that is included on the Entrance Conference checklist. You can find that online. You need to have your staff keep this paperwork up to date on a weekly basis. This will prevent you from rushing to get it done when the surveyors arrive. This is the same type of information you used to prepare for the old survey process.

By preparing your staff for the process and completing your paperwork to meet the requirements, you should be able to have a successful survey. 

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