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Ask the nursing expert
Ask the nursing expert
I was just promoted to director of nursing and have a few staff members who are still stuck on the former director of nursing. What can I do?

I have never known a building without staff who were attached to a former DON.

We all form attachments and have been mentored by our former supervisors. I recommend that you just be yourself, acknowledge their grief and, in time, staff will come around.

Every DON leads differently, but I feel that all have something to offer staff. Know your gift and use it. Sometimes, a promotion comes from within the facility and this is often awkward. Step up and demonstrate your ability to lead your staff. Remember to praise them along the way!

I have a charge nurse who asks me so many questions I wonder if she knows how to do any nursing task independently. I do not ordinarily discourage questions, but she is wearing me out!

Organize your thoughts and make a list of questions you would like to ask this nurse, such as, “Tell me about where you went to nursing school,” “What were your challenges during school?” “How did you handle your challenges?” “Could you tell me about your challenges since you have been in practice?” “How can I help?” “Might a preceptor help?”

Perhaps you could ask her about her goals in nursing. Make a positive comment on her “good” practices that you have seen. These are just some suggestions.

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