Appellate court lifts ban on nursing home fines in Illinois

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An Illinois Appellate Court has eliminated a cap on the amount the state's Department of Public Health can fine an underperforming nursing home, according to local news reports.

The Appellate Court decision overturns a 2009 Circuit Court decision in Illinois that led to a $10,000 cap on nursing home fines, according to the Murphysboro American news outlet. The Illinois Department of Public Health had, until that point, been issuing fines occasionally as high as $300,000 for nursing homes that provide inadequate care. The IDPH says it will, for the time being, continue to issue fines below the $10,000 mark to avoid potential legal issues, the Murphysboro American reports.

Some nursing home resident advocates in the state would like to amend the law to allow for minimum fines between $25,000 and $50,000. Industry representatives, however, argue that higher fines don't necessarily lead to better care, the news outlet reported.