Alzheimer's research, resources for caregivers get federal funding

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Federal officials revealed more specifics on the Obama administration's Alzheimer's initiative, including details of two new clinical trials.

One trial will test inhalable insulin as a therapy for Alzheimer's, while the other trial will test preventive treatments for those individuals who have a higher riskfor developing Alzheimer's. Additional funding worth $2 million will go toward educating physicians, nurses and other healthcare workers about signs and symptoms for Alzheimer's.

The administration's plan also includes a new website aimed at providing resources for those who care for those with Alzheimer's. The website, which can be found at, can help caregivers locate financial and emotional support, and help them provide more assistance in completing activities of daily living.

This plan, which was called for as part of the Obama administration's National Alzheimer's Project Act, was presented Tuesday at the Alzheimer's Research Summit 2012 in Bethesda, MD.