Alzheimer's patient who thinks he's a traveling salesman jailed for driving

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A man with Alzheimer's who violated a judge's instructions to stop driving in Ft. Lauderdale, FL was jailed for two days before he was ordered transferred to a secure nursing home.

Albert Brenner, 75, believes he is a traveling salesman peddling 1970s-era rotary telephones, according to his lawyer, and believes he has to get back to work. Friends and family have reportedly not been able to convince him otherwise.

Judge Geoffrey D. Cohen ordered Brenner held at a state mental hospital for criminals until he's competent enough to stand trial on battery charges. Following that verdict Friday, Judge Michael Kaplan overruled Cohen and said the Brenner should be placed in a secure state nursing home.

"It's not Albert Brenner's fault that he has Alzheimer's," Brenner's attorney Betsy Benson said. 

Brenner has been arrested two other times on battery charges for driving.