AHCA hits goal for 30% antipsychotic reduction

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The American Health Care Association has met its goal of reducing antipsychotic use in its member facilities by 30% — and it's done it more than six months ahead of schedule, the group announced Wednesday.

The provider group reported that half of its members hit the 30% goal ahead of the December 2016 deadline, compared to non-member facilities, which on average reported a 25% decrease. Data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid services shows 16.4% of residents in AHCA member facilities currently are administered at least one antipsychotic, compared to 17.4% of non-member residents.

AHCA set its goal for antipsychotic reduction in 2014 in conjunction with CMS' National Partnership to Improve Dementia Care in Nursing Homes. The group reported in February that it was fast approaching its 30%  goal.

Next on deck for the group is a goal to reduce 30-day rehospitalizations by an additional 15%, or reach and maintain a rate of 10%, by March 2018. Additional goals include decreasing staff turnover rates, improving community discharges and adopting customer satisfaction surveys.