Advance directive app wins big in HHS tech competition

A program that allows consumers to develop and securely share their end-of-life plans with caregivers and healthcare providers is among the winners of the Department of Health and Human Services’ “Move Health Data Forward Challenge.”

Live and Leave Well walks users through the process of developing advance medical directives. It allows them to complete a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order and Medical Orders of Life Sustaining Treatment (MOLST), as well as healthcare proxy forms directly on the platform. The documents can then be shared through the app with family, friends and healthcare providers, as well as emergency medical workers, if needed.

The application uses a combination of open application program interfaces, direct integration as well as OAuth 2.0 to securely move sensitive data among multiple user types.

The program aims to meet a critical need among the older adult population. 

A study published in March in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that 70% of healthcare proxies don’t accurately understand their loved one’s wishes regarding end-of-life care, even though both believed they had adequately discussed the topic. It also ensures that healthcare providers understand their desires as well, said Caroline Coy, MPH, health IT program analyst with HHS.

The iOS mobile app Docket, a secure system for users to seamlessly store and share their health data with their care providers, was also named a winner of the challenge.