Accused killer sent to Pennsylvania nursing home

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A judge has ordered a retired bus driver accused of beating a bus depot clerk to death with a hammer more than twenty years ago to be sent to a Pennsylvania nursing home, according to the Associated Press.

Donald Fischer, 77, has been incompetent to stand trial and has Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. Indiana County District Attorney Robert Bell has acknowledged Fischer's chances of recovery are slim.

Fischer allegedly killed 47-year-old Beverly Doris Anderson at an Indiana County, PA, bus station in 1981. He was charged in April 1999 after investigators found an overlooked thumbprint that was lifted from a coffee can at the murder scene. Later that year, a judge ruled Fischer couldn't be tried because, despite the fingerprint, prosecutors had no new evidence. The next year, a state appeals court ruled Fischer could indeed be tried. But last year, Bell ruled Fischer wasn't competent to stand trial.