A large majority of seniors in Medicare Advantage plans are “very satisfied” with the coverage, according to a new survey released Monday. This stands in stark contrast to many providers, who complain about their erosion of reimbursement rates under the ever-growing market share MA plans are occupying.

A Better Medicare Alliance poll of 2,000 seniors found that 94% of MA beneficiaries are “very satisfied” with the care they receive under the plan, and 94% said they’re satisfied with the selection of doctors, physicians and specialists offered. 

Additionally, 62% of seniors called the plan a “better choice” when compared to traditional Medicare — with care coordination being the difference maker. 

Other key findings found that 45% of seniors didn’t know about MA when they first enrolled and 32% wish they had known more about the coverage. 

Consumers may be optimistic about Medicare Advantage, but that isn’t the case for skilled nursing executives

Recent insights from Ziegler found that 70% of providers reported they were being hurt by Medicare Advantage plans. Just 6% of CFOs reported their facilities seeing a moderate to significant positive impact from the plans. 

“Any Medicare Advantage billings that we have had have been terrible. The insurance company pre-authorizes the care; pays for it and then 6 months to a year later takes the money back,” one CFO noted in the analysis. 

Better Medicare Alliance is an advocacy group of more than 400,000 beneficiaries and 140 organizations, including many larger insurance groups, that support Medicare Advantage. The poll was conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of the organization and surveyed 2,000 seniors on Medicare.