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60 Seconds with...
60 Seconds with...
(Yeatts is an author of the new book “Empowered Work Teams in Long-Term Care” from Health Professions Press)

Q: What did your five-year study discover about nurse aides?

A:It surprised me that they really don't have time to talk with one another. We found once-a-week meetings give them time when they can talk among themselves and learn about the residents and procedures they're using. One might know a way to calm Mrs. Smith that another doesn't.

Q: How does it work?

A: What seems to work best is if they pick the slowest time during their workday and the nurses step in to cover the floors. We tried paying them to come in before or after work but too many had to do something (with family members) then. Only nurse aides are at the meeting so they can talk freely. They'll give notes to the director of nursing.

Q: What do you hope for now?

A: That DONs would set up strategies so they can regularly listen to what nurse aides say.

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