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Leah Klusch
Leah Klusch
Q: You say regulators did a “pretty good job” with Quality Indicator Survey (QIS) pilot programs, but you're still uneasy about this new QIS survey process that is rolling out to more states. Why?

A: It's a paradigm shift for surveyors who are used to working on paper. There are a lot of factors that I think predispose instability.

Q: And you're not a big fan of the data-based survey?

A: It's problematic because the information intake process from the residents and the interview and observations is so absolute. The new process requires “yes (it happened)” and “no (it didn't)” answers. Care delivery is much more subjective than that.

Q: You don't like the heavy reliance on MDS data to base survey decisions on?

A: We still have this enormous problem that the MDS database is not accurate. I am out training entire interdisciplinary teams constantly with an MDS competency program. I haven't found any where I feel the data going into the databank is absolutely accurate. 

Q: Why are you so worried about regulators' goal of converting to MDS 3.0 in October of 2009?

A: If they bring us this new assessment tool and we don't have a data collection process in place in facilities before then, we'll have a crisis through that conversion. I just think it's impractical to think all the states will do this simultaneously, and that all intermediaries will be ready. Also, the conversion costs for all stakeholders will be enormous!

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