Susie Mix

We’re hearing a lot more these days about managed care. Is this a temporary trend?

A: Managed care is being seen as the answer to control our significantly increased healthcare costs. With the magnitude at which managed care is growing and spreading throughout the nation, it is evident managed care is here to stay for quite some time.

Q: Will managed care have a more profound effect on providers or the people served?

A: This is a tough one. I would have to say that although there are several different initiatives and demonstrations going into effect throughout the nation that affect many different residents, the senior population seems to be the one that is feeling it the most. The Financial Alignment Demonstration as well as the Medicare Advantage insurgence has really put managed care at the fingertips of seniors throughout the nation.

Q: What should operators be doing to get ready?

A: Get educated! It is imperative as an operator to know what is going on in your state and county when it comes to managed care. Once you know what initiatives and demonstrations are coming your way, you can get prepared by getting the needed health plan contracts in place and preparing your team for a new skilled mix