Q: As someone who has worked with several health systems and ACOs. What do you find is skilled nursing facilities’ best appeal to hospitals?

A: To start, they provide a wide range of solutions. A hospital can partner with a SNF provider in many areas. From chronic disease management, post-surgical care, palliative care to long-term dementia care, skilled nursing facilities are equipped to work together with hospitals for almost any kind of patient seeking post-acute care.  

Skilled nursing centers also still deliver care at a lower price than other options such as long-term care acute hospitals or inpatient rehab facilities. 

Q: What do you see as an advantage for narrow networks?

A: To better manage care coordination, narrow networks are becoming the norm. Becoming a valuable partner in these networks requires a commitment to quality metrics.  

Q: How have you developed productive hospital relationships?

A: Ours involve monthly quality reviews where our people are meeting with our acute-care partners in order to review real-time results. Various tactics for improving care between acute and PAC include warm handoffs, which serve as the first step toward accountable care. This involves actual real conversations, not just the exchange of paperwork.