60 Seconds with... Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV), House LTC Caucus Co-chair

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Q: How has the response been to your solicitation for LTC Caucus members? A: We currently have 21 and continue to grow. We hope to have a majority of members join in order to share more ideas about solutions to the many problems in long-term care.

Q: How did this group come to be?

A: The debate over the asset-transfer rule in Medicaid during the Deficit Reduction Act highlighted just one of the many problems facing long-term care. [Caucus co-chair Rep.] Earl Pomeroy [D-ND] is a well-established leader in long-term care policy, and we began discussions earlier this year about the need for a caucus.

Q: What impact do you think it will have on nursing home operators?

A: There are many parties involved in long-term care delivery, and we look forward to bringing as many to the table as possible to share their thoughts on long-term care and how they're affected.

Q: What should be the first tangible, visible sign of the LTC Caucus at work?

A: The most pressing issue now is therapy caps. A large group of members, many now members of the caucus, authored a letter to House leadership asking for a solution to the problem before the end of the year.

Q: What is the caucus's ultimate goal?

A: To raise awareness with members and the general public about long-term care and to develop a more efficient, comprehensive, affordable approach to long-term care delivery.