Nicole Fallon, VP

As the author of “Integrated Service Delivery: A LeadingAge Vision for America’s Aging Population,” what is the big takeaway you want long-term care providers to have from the report?A: Instead of ACOs and bundled payments, we want to start with this model of looking at the whole person. What we’re proposing is a lot like a construction contractor: That contractor has to coordinate a number of subcontractors. Teams of individuals often do the work, but there’s often someone on the job site who is empowered to make decisions.

Q: How does this model differ from others?

A: I think it isn’t a model per se — it’s a framework. Integration is the right direction for everybody. Let’s not have 12 different care models. Let’s have one person who is the core person for you that helps translate. We are bringing the pieces together.

Q: Part of the report includes a universal LTSS insurance system: What is part of the vision of that?

A: There needs to be an option for those who can plan for their future in a cost-effective way. It does need to be a mandated program to keep costs down. We all have some personal responsibility, but we need protection against catastrophic costs. Nobody plans to have Alzheimer’s.