Christy Tosh Crider

Q: What are some practical ways to make telemedicine work in a facility?

A: The first step is to identify where you have deficiencies in care for residents. Once you find those areas you can provide access to those specialists. Also, you can use it for other reasons, such as increased access to family members. 

Q: What are some of the challenges with geri-psych?

A: The geri-psychiatrist isn’t there often enough — maybe once a quarter. It is often the case a telemedicine visit can be more beneficial. 

Q: How do you navigate reimbursement with telemedicine?

A: The reimbursement issue is ever-changing. Right now the goal for long-term care facilities is for it to be a financial break-even. However, the real financial benefit to the community is that it puts you in a spot ahead of your competitor because you are offering something they are not. 

Q: What are some legal concerns?

A: Make sure you have your lawyer review the contractual agreement providing telemedicine as to when they will be available and responsible.