Two nursing assistants have been arrested, and eight more fired, after hidden cameras allegedly revealed abuse at a Minnesota nursing home.

Family members of residents at Saint Therese of New Hope installed the cameras after noticing cuts and bruises on residents, according to The Star Tribune. The video footage caught two nursing assistants allegedly abusing at least two residents, although the nature of the abuse has not been released.

The two nursing assistants caught on camera were fired and arrested, and have been released pending possible charges, according to a statement from St. Therese. Eight other nursing assistants have been fired for failing to report the abuse and using cellphones in resident rooms.

“We are cooperating fully with authorities. We have taken numerous steps to prevent a recurrence, including implementation of a plan of correction,” the statement reads. “Any abuse of residents is intolerable.”

States have debated the use of cameras in nursing homes for numerous years. Illinois recently become the latest state to approve their use. Currently four states — New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Washington — allow families to install cameras in nursing home rooms.