More than half of a subset of senior care and living operators could eventually mandate staff COVID-19 vaccinations, according to results of a new Ziegler CFO Hotline poll.

With 10% of providers polled already mandating current staff or only new-hire vaccinations, 12% of the remainder said they were “highly likely” and 37% said they were “somewhat likely” to make them mandatory. There was no timeline mentioned for when the mandates might be put in place, though many workplace experts have focused on the as yet unspecified dates when vaccines shed their Experimental Use Authorization labels. 

Slightly more than half (51%) of the 90% not currently mandating vaccinations said they were “not at all likely” to mandate them.

The respondent pool of more than 220 operators was  heavily weighted toward nonprofit life plan community organizations, also known as continuing care retirement communities.

The new Ziegler poll also showed that the average staff vaccination rate rose from 62% in March to 67% in May.The group’s May 2021 newsletter detailing more findings can be found here.