Mentally Ill

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NY man suspected of trying to smother nursing home resident ... Medicare agency publishes QIO evaluation criteria ... TX nursing home deaths raise questions about mentally ill residents

Judge approves Illinois plan to move mentally ill out of nursing homes, into the community

Judge approves Illinois plan to move mentally ill out of nursing homes, into the community

More than 4,300 mentally ill nursing facility residents in Illinois will now have the option to move into community care-based settings.

New housing choices for mentally ill nursing home residents spark concerns

A judge in Illinois on Tuesday heard arguments for and against a proposed settlement that would give thousands of mentally ill nursing home residents in the state the chance to move into community housing.

Illinois governor signs new nursing home rules into law

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (D) recently signed into law new nursing home safety regulations that aim to end the pattern of violence in that state's facilities, according to local news reports.

New, tougher regulations for Illinois nursing homes pass the state House, but funding remains an issue

Nursing homes in Illinois are facing new higher standards after a unanimous vote in the state's House—118-0—to pass a major overhaul of the long-term care system. A similar vote is expected in the Illinois Senate, according to local reports.

Opinions differ on changes to Illinois' nursing home system

Nursing home operators and seniors' rights groups in Illinois are clashing over proposed changes to that state's long-term care system, according to news reports.

Illinois nursing home settlement could have major impact


A recent legal settlement regarding mentally ill nursing home residents in Illinois has the potential to transform the state's long-term system. It also likely will have a ripple effect on the field nationwide.

Illinois to move 4,500 mentally ill from nursing homes to community care settings

Nearly 4,500 of Illinois' mentally ill nursing home residents soon will have the option of moving into community-based programs, according to the terms of a groundbreaking settlement between the state and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Illinois task force offers recommendations to reform nursing home system

The Nursing Home Safety Task Force commissioned by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (D) released its recommendations for reforming that state's long-term care system on Friday.