Plumbing certifications 101

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Dave Shusterich
Dave Shusterich

Administrators have to consider products and renovations with the actual end user in mind. I work with many facilities during a remodel or new construction project as it relates to the plumbing products they are purchasing. Administrators need to be aware of what products are designed to be conducive to the physical requirements of their residents.

In addition, the administrator should be aware of their city or state's plumbing code requirements. Ask: Are the products that are specified certified to the applicable standards to ensure a “to code” installation and a safe work environment for their employees and residents? 

For example, in our case, an administrator will be comparing a standard shampoo sink designed for the able bodied, versus an adjustable, ergonomic sink designed for seniors and persons with disabilities.

Adjust-a-Sink® is an adjustable height shampoo bowl normally installed in the salon or tub rooms in skilled nursing facilities. Recently, we attained cUPC listing, assuring that the product is in compliance with the applicable plumbing codes for the US and Canada.  This listing is extremely important to ensure the safety and reliability of the product for its end users, the residents of senior care facilities throughout North America. 

It is critical for the buyers of such products to be aware of the required certifications of the equipment and fixtures they use for the care of their residents.  By doing so, they will be providing their employees, subcontractors and residents the safest work and living environment possible.

Designers, architects and vendors are a great source for the substantive data necessary to make these important facility design and product procurement decisions. 

cUPC listing certification is costly and time consuming to attain, yet it ensures the safety and reliability of the product for its end users.

Dave Shusterich is the president of Accessible Systems.

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