Kristy Brown

It’s no secret health care is changing and that we, as professionals, need to be a part of that change to improve the overall system. Part of this improvement involves helping patients quickly return home after a visit to the hospital, and doing all we can so they do not have to return. Therapy can help with both of these goals.

Centrex Rehab was created to provide comprehensive therapy services that meet the needs of patients of all ages and capabilities. What’s new and exciting about Centrex Rehab is that the company model is set up to easily fit the rehab therapy link into the whole health care chain—which helps improve the health of the population and increases the strength of health care as a whole.

As a joint venture between Augustana Care and Ebenezer, two leading health care organizations based in Minneapolis, MN, Centrex addresses the needs of the rapidly evolving health care market—with a special focus on adults 55 and older. Centrex Rehab provides a broad range of therapy solutions for older adults in housing, assisted living, skilled nursing communities, smaller hospitals, clinics and other services that follow a model similar to a provider network. When forming the company, the aim was to focus on three goals:  better long-term health for the population; better care for individuals; and lower cost through improvement.

This vision resulted in the creation of a company that provides a robust offering of dynamic therapy solutions including the following:

  • Contract provision of full service rehabilitation:  management, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy
  • Broad range of therapy services to diverse clientele in varied settings, from living communities for older adults and small hospitals to schools and clinics
  • Staffing and recruiting to fill open positions, or meeting short-term or long-term staffing needs in any setting
  • Management consultation
  • Medicare compliance consultation
  • Home modification services by certified staff members to meet individual accessibility needs
  • Cognitive screening and testing to allow for better case management of clients and caregivers
  • Other specialty areas including: wheelchair clinics, massage therapy and lymphedema specialists
  • Specialties in the areas of vision and driving (coming soon)

Currently, Centrex Rehab employs 200 therapists (with 300 expected by 2013). Our high employee satisfaction and retention rates result in quality, consistent care. Employee satisfaction is a priority at Centrex and is part of our strategy to create a new model for how therapy can best serve those who need it. A unique model of care and strong team of therapists allow Centrex to integrate quickly and adeptly into client communities. If it is preferred, we can also operate under their brand name.

Centrex Rehab was developed by Augustana Care and Ebenezer, which is part of Fairview Health Services, with a proven reputation of quality care and innovation.

Kristy Brown is the CEO and President of Centrex Rehab. She is a speech language pathologist and has 20 years of management experience. For more information or to share your thoughts on changes in health care and therapy, contact her at [email protected] or 612-238-5426.