March 2018 39 3 Issue of McKnight's Long Term Care News

March 2018 39 3 Issue of McKnight's Long Term Care News

March 2018 issue of McKnight's Long-Term Care News

Where are they now?

Where are they now: Good Samaritan Society

After winning a Bronze quality award in 2012 from the McKnight's Technology Awards, the Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society in South Dakota has designed a ...


Want CE credit? Better have a number

The National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards announced it is creating a continuing education registry.

Providers decry $2 billion loss in therapy caps deal

Providers knew that elimination of Medicare Part B therapy caps would likely come with significant side costs, but nobody wanted them this high.

Online Expo enjoying 12th year

Providers will have ongoing access to all sessions at this month's 12th Annual McKnight's Online Expo for at least six months after the event, organizers ...

Providers take issue with Trump's budget

Long-term care providers found little to like in President Donald Trump's proposed budget for 2019.

Industry balks at drug report

Skilled nursing leaders criticized a Human Rights Watch report on antipsychotics in February.

Therapy caps gone — and so is $2 billion

Providers celebrated the permanent repeal of Medicare Part B therapy limits when President Trump signed a new budget compromise Feb. 9.

State News

State News for March 2018

Nursing home founder's death leads to $140K fine.


Loss of control: Exploring the links between falls and incontinence can improve resident care, safety scores and provider risk ratings

Exploring the links between falls and incontinence brings connections that can improve resident care, safety scores and provider risk ratings.

Just the ticket: From data to design, laundry services are undergoing significant changes

Laundry may not be the sexiest of topics in long-term care, but it is nonetheless an important — albeit sometimes overlooked — element when it ...

60 Seconds with...

60 seconds with Daniel Cannone, D.O., United Church Homes

Q: The United Church Homes has reduced antipsychotic medications dramatically since 2012. How did you accomplish that?

Ask the care expert

Ask the Care Expert about ... palliative wound care

At a recent staff meeting, our medical director asked us to implement palliative wound care. What would that look like for a dying resident?

Resident care

Researchers find higher readmission link

Patients discharged from skilled nursing facilities with functional limitations are at greater risk of being readmitted to a hospital with potentially preventable problems.

Ask the treatment expert

Ask the Treatment Expert about ... dressing expenses

Our number of wounds has not changed, yet our wound care dressing expenses have gone up. How can I get them under control?

Wound care

High-fluid capacity disposables cut IAD

Replacing a non-permeable, reusable pad with a disposable, high-fluid capacity one can reduce the number of incontinence-associated dermatitis cases and lessen their severity, according to ...

Pregnant paws: Fish skins a success at healing wounds

A technique being explored as a treatment for human wounds helped save the lives of three bears in California this winter.

Ask the nursing expert

Ask the Nursing Expert about ... managing a nursing budget

I'm hearing about facilities going bankrupt and closing. As a director of nursing, what can I do to help manage my department's budget without degrading ...


Nurses like 12-hour shifts, if done right

Working 12-hour shifts may have a positive effect on job satisfaction and allow nurses more flexibility to further their education, according to a study conducted ...

Ask the payment expert

Ask the Payment Expert about ... the RCS-1 payment system

What is the new RCS-1 payment system all about?

Ask the legal expert

Ask the legal expert about ... liability in flu cases

We've taken reasonable precautions, posted signs, added many hand sanitizers, urged hand washing or mask wearing by visitors, etc., but one of our residents got ...

Legal Matters

SNF sued after firing worker with anxiety

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has sued a Nashville-based skilled nursing and rehabilitation company for refusing to provide a reasonable accommodation to an employee ...

Facility hit with $25,000 fine when photo appears online

An Illinois skilled nursing and rehab center was fined $25,000 after a certified nurse aide admitted to posting a partially nude photo of a resident ...


Design: Warm design a 'Key' feature

Skilled nursing with a 'boutique' design style? A new continuing care retirement community believes this approach is long overdue.

How to do it…

How to do it... A less painful tech transition

Mobile technology, coupled with a plethora of "apps," is creating amazing opportunities for long-term care residents to connect with the outside world. Getting residents to ...


Report: Post-acute sector is lagging on telemed adoption

Telemedicine's value across the care continuum is clear, but adoption still lags, according to a report released in February by Sage Growth Partners, a healthcare ...

Resident care

Supporting family members bolsters patient care: study

Residents who can't express their wishes about medical care can leave family members emotionally drained.

Editor’s desk

It's time you take care of you, and here is the place

Some people sit down at the beginning of each year and make relatively ambitious goals.


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