January 2018 39 1 Issue of McKnight's Long Term Care News

January 2018 39 1 Issue of McKnight's Long Term Care News

January 2018 issue of McKnight's Long-Term Care News

Where are they now?

Where Are They Now?: Morning Pointe Assisted Living

Morning Pointe Assisted Living in Tennessee touted the benefits of its Meaningful Day program and SimpleC technology platform to earn a Gold Award in McKnight's ...


Skilled nursing occupancy rate hits 5-year low

Occupancy levels in skilled care settings dropped to a five-year low of 81.6% in the third quarter, according to the National Investment Center for Seniors ...

A sick way to reduce readmission burden?

A growing number of hospitals have found a novel way to reduce readmission rates: insist that patients are sicker than they really are.

Racial divide in end-of-life care

At the end of their lives, AfricanAmericans are more likely to have been admitted to a hospital, land in the ER and discontinue hospice care.

A good attitude can add years

Living longer may be correlated to optimism, stubbornness and bonds with family, religion and land, according to a new study.

Penalty delay for some tags

Long-term care providers have 18 months to adapt to some of the Phase 2 requirements of participation without facing penalties, the Centers for Medicare & ...

GOP sets sights on Medicare, Medicaid

Just before tax-reform victory in December, House GOP leaders said their next target would be "entitlement reform" that trims outlays for the Medicare, Medicaid and ...

Self-reporting raises doubts

Are nursing homes fudging their staffing and quality numbers to obtain more favorable Five-Star ratings?

State News

State News for January 2018

Increasing Medicaid rates to Florida nursing homes is a "very strong priority" in the upcoming state legislative session, the state Senate president said ...


An IT game changer

Readmission rates are being attacked from all sides, and that includes by information technology and software suppliers. Here's a provider guide to 'teching-up'

Right-sized investing

The finance world will be looking for long-term care's 'sweet spot' in 2018

60 Seconds with...

60 seconds with ... Nicole Fallon

Nicole Fallon, VP Health Policy & Integrated Services, LeadingAge

Ask the care expert

Ask the Care Expert about ... infection prevention

We are working hard on infection prevention at my facility. Do you have any ideas on how to really make staff think about how important ...

Resident care

More hospice providers not always better

Having more hospice providers working with a nursing home doesn't necessarily reduce end-of-life hospitalizations.

Ask the treatment expert

Ask the Treatment Expert about ... temporary care plans

What should be on our temporary care plan for skin integrity?

Wound care

Low-intensity workouts help wound healing for diabetics

Low-power exercise may be the key to speeding wound healing rates in patients with diabetes, a new study suggests.

Timing of wounds could impact healing

Injuries sustained during the day likely heal faster than those that occur during the night due to human internal biological clocks

Ask the nursing expert

Ask the Nursing Expert about ... going alarm-free

Our facility is trying to go alarm-free, but some staff are reluctant to stop using alarms. Any suggestions?


Reframe the 'lost pleasure' of giving up smoking: study

With increased pressure on nursing homes to become smoke-free environments or create safe spaces for residents to smoke, residents and employees may both feel greater ...

Treatment of staff correlates to sickness

While long-term care providers juggle staffing during cold and flu season, research indicates there may be a factor in their control: How they treat staff.

Ask the payment expert

Ask the payment expert about ... probe and educate reviews

Are the probe and educate reviews occurring only in home health agencies or in skilled nursing facilities as well?

Payment & policy

SNFs can prosper after CMS' bundled pay postponement

Skilled nursing providers should capitalize on the opportunities presented by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' plans to roll out more voluntary payment initiatives, ...

GAO seeks anti-fraud plan

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services should beef up its fraud-fighting efforts with a risk-based antifraud strategy for Medicare and Medicaid, the Government Accountability ...

Ask the legal expert

Ask the legal expert about ... employees' social media choices

One of our employees has public photos on Facebook where he's in drag, and a board member complained. How should we tackle employees doing potentially ...

Legal Matters

CNA sues for firing after she reported resident's claims

A former certified nursing assistant at an Illinois continuing care retirement community is suing her ex-employer for more than $75,000 and reinstatement of her job, ...

$6.9M to settle kickback, fraud claims

Four San Diego facilities owned by California's largest nursing home operator will pay $6.9 million to resolve civil allegations that their employees paid kickbacks for ...


A 'boutique experience'

Stratford Commons believes SNF residents deserve the same stylish décor and ambient atmosphere that senior living residents get

How to do it…

Home-like end-of-life care

As family and friends gather near a loved one in the closing days, a warm and comfortable environment can do wonders for soothing frayed nerves ...

A day in the life

A Day in the Life: Oh, the places they'll go

It began in 2011 with one resident's request: He wanted to visit Disney World.


FDA approves antipsychotic that includes tracking sensor

The Food and Drug Administration approved a new type of antipsychotic pill in November that is able to share information about when it was taken ...


The conscience of tech

Remember those innocent days when long-term care was hopelessly tech-phobic, and EHR was just a quick way to tell 911 your facility was under attack ...

Resident care

Weight control program may help reverse Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes can be reversed following an intensive weight management program even six years post-diagnosis.

Company news

Humana buys Kindred to build home health inroads

Kindred Healthcare has not only slid off the skilled nursing radar, it's also been sold — to insurer Humana Inc. and two private equity partners.

Major merger in discussion

Two huge hospital operators with a significant stake in long-term care could combine to create the largest U.S. hospital owner.

The big picture

It was a matter of pride

For most of his adult life, my dad was an operating engineer for Sears Roebuck & Company.

Editor’s desk

Finally, a list you'll want your company's name on

Long-term care providers can start getting their own special recognition this fall in a customized Fortune magazine "Top Workplaces" list.


Profile: Joseph DeMattos Jr.

Joseph DeMattos Jr., President and CEO Health Facilities Association of Maryland