April 2018 39 4 Issue of McKnight's Long Term Care News

April 2018 39 4 Issue of McKnight's Long Term Care News

April 2018 issue of McKnight's Long-Term Care News


Myths busted! SNF therapy is a great place for debunking persistent misconceptions and lore

Despite efforts by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to clarify Medicare rules via its coverage manuals and local coverage determinations, some rules are ...

Ask the care expert

Ask the Care Expert about ... documentation terms

At my facility, they are mixing pressure ulcer with other terms. What's correct to use in documenting?

Ask the treatment expert

Ask the Treatment Expert about ... support surfaces

We are evaluating preventive and therapeutic support surfaces for our beds. What should we consider most?

Ask the nursing expert

Ask the Nursing Expert about ... EHR transitions

My company just announced the purchase of a new electronic health record system. As the director of nursing, how can I smooth the nursing department's ...

Ask the payment expert

Ask the Payment Expert about ... how the survey process has changed

Has the new survey process really changed much?

Payment & policy

ACOs save on backs of SNFs

Providers taking part in a Medicare experiment saved money by funneling care away from skilled nursing facilities and toward physician services, according to a new ...

Lawmakers target SNFs' big payer for fraud, waste cuts

A pair of Congressional subcommittees focused on oversight have banded together to examine ways to reduce Medicaid fraud and waste.

Ask the legal expert

Ask the Legal Expert about ... off-duty abuse allegations

A member of our executive team is going through a divorce where his ex-wife alleges physical abuse. What should we do?


Design: A true community effort at Rockingham County

When the agents of government come together for a cause, the results can impress, as Rockingham County demonstrates

How to do it…

How to do it: Memory care dining program

Memory care often calls for unique and innovative approaches in every facet of dementia residents' facility experience, and dining is no exception. Experts offer valuable ...


Fall detection technologies rarely tested on the elderly

Those wearable pendants and sensors that promise to alert caregivers if a senior is about to, or has just experienced, a fall may not be ...


Things I Think: What the gods want

I know how much you look to me for guidance and insights in navigating the uber-complicated world of long-term care.

Company news

ManorCare files papers for bankruptcy, QCP will buy it

The other shoe finally dropped for the one-time largest nursing home chain in the country.

Vendor news

SNF aims to cut ER visits via telemedicine

A New Jersey provider is testing out telemedicine services in its skilled-nursing facilities, in the hope that it might cut back on unnecessary ER visits.

Editor’s desk

Need some success? You just need to be like Mike

Why would anyone who lives in the Chicago area ever need 700 more pages of Michael Jordan, I thought when I saw the gift. We ...


Profile: Ruth Katz, Prone to Make It Happen

Ruth Katz, SVP Public Policy LeadingAge