Subacute care falls between nursing home care and hospital care?

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Yes. Subacute care is generally more intensive than traditional nursing facility care and less than acute care. It requires frequent (daily to weekly) recurrent patient assessment and review of the clinical course and treatment plan for a limited (several days to several months) time period until the condition is stabilized or a predetermined treatment course is completed. Many subacute care providers provide some or all of the following services:
• Advanced intravenous therapy.
• Enteral nutrition (feeding tube).
• Gurney or wheelchair mobility.
• Head or spinal cord injury care.
• Pain management.
• Patient and family education.
• Physical, occupational and/or speech therapy.
• Respiratory care.
• Social services and/or case management.
• Tracheostomy care.
• Ventilator care.
• Wound management.

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