Illinois governor moves into vets' home with history of deadly Legionnaires' outbreaks

Illinois governor moves into vets' home with history of deadly Legionnaires' outbreaks


Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) checked into a veterans home as a show of support for the facility, which has been dogged by controversy and lawsuits following the Legionnaires'-related deaths of 13 patients since 2015.

State News for July 2017

State News for July 2017

Illinois must reprioritize payments in order to make a dent in its $2 billion backlog of bills owed to Medicaid providers, including long-term care operators, a federal judge ordered in June.

Coroner opens probe in nursing home death

A coroner's inquiry has been opened following the death of an 85-year-old resident of a southeast suburban St. Louis nursing home. The woman was reportedly discovered deceased early on March 12, strapped to a wheelchair at the bottom of a flight of stairs

Capsa Solutions acquires Kirby Lester, LLC

Medication management company Capsa Solutions has announced the acquisition of Kirby Lester, LLC, of Lake Forest, IL.

Omnicare settles federal whistleblower suit


An Illinois federal judge approved the dismissal of a whistleblower lawsuit against Omnicare, following a settlement agreement on July 9, according to local media reports.

Administrator arrested on charges of stealing $100,000 from residents


Authorities arrested a nursing home administrator at her Champaign, IL home last week. She faces 12 felony counts of financial exploitation of an elderly person, theft, theft by deception and forgery.

State, CMS pair up on duals


The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the state of Illinois are teaming up in a dual eligible payment demonstration.

Report: State budgets torn asunder by Medicaid spending

Report: State budgets torn asunder by Medicaid spending


Regardless of whether states choose to expand Medicaid, states are facing fiscal crisis related to rising healthcare costs and government pension obligations, a new report finds.

Funding rarity: Alabama governor demands more for Medicaid

Funding rarity: Alabama governor demands more for Medicaid


Amid the flurry of bad news for long-term care providers, regarding Medicaid cuts, a spot of sunshine appeared in Alabama on Wednesday, when the governor said he would veto the state's budget if an additional $200 million were not added to the program.

Respite care cuts create opportunity for nursing homes


Nursing homes could see an uptick in admissions as many states grapple with cuts to respite care services, recent reports suggest.

Government saved $17.6 billion in 2011 due to fraud prevention programs

Government saved $17.6 billion in 2011 due to fraud prevention programs

A government crackdown on improper payments in federal programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, cut wasteful payments by $17.6 billion in 2011, the Office of Management and Budget reported Tuesday. The administration's Campaign to Cut Waste saved $7 billion in Medicare fee-for-service payment errors between 2010 and 2011, according to the OMB.

Lawsuit settlement would transition disabled and elderly nursing home residents into community settings

A proposed settlement in a class action lawsuit could help low-income people with disabilities avoid nursing homes while saving the state money, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Medicaid a possible target as governors warn constituents about budget struggles

New governors, 26 of whom were elected in November, are facing deep fiscal problems. Many are taking a hard look at Medicaid as a source of budget savings.

New housing choices for mentally ill nursing home residents spark concerns

A judge in Illinois on Tuesday heard arguments for and against a proposed settlement that would give thousands of mentally ill nursing home residents in the state the chance to move into community housing.

Illinois governor signs new nursing home rules into law

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (D) recently signed into law new nursing home safety regulations that aim to end the pattern of violence in that state's facilities, according to local news reports.

Judge orders Illinois nursing homes to end 'scare tactics'

Illinois-based for-profit nursing home operators must stop issuing misleading "information sheets" to mentally ill residents, a federal judge recently ruled.

ACLU accuses Illinois nursing homes of using scare tactics to keep mentally ill residents

The American Civil Liberties Union is accusing some for-profit nursing home operators in Illinois of using "scare tactics" to keep psychiatric residents in their facilities, according to local reports.

New, tougher regulations for Illinois nursing homes pass the state House, but funding remains an issue

Nursing homes in Illinois are facing new higher standards after a unanimous vote in the state's House—118-0—to pass a major overhaul of the long-term care system. A similar vote is expected in the Illinois Senate, according to local reports.

Federal law trumps state in use of nursing home arbitration agreements, Illinois high court rules

The Federal Arbitration Act (FAA) preempts a provision in the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act (NHCA) that prohibits the use of arbitration agreements in cases against nursing homes, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

Appellate court lifts ban on nursing home fines in Illinois

An Illinois Appellate Court has eliminated a cap on the amount the state's Department of Public Health can fine an underperforming nursing home, according to local news reports.

Opinions differ on changes to Illinois' nursing home system

Nursing home operators and seniors' rights groups in Illinois are clashing over proposed changes to that state's long-term care system, according to news reports.

Illinois nursing home settlement could have major impact


A recent legal settlement regarding mentally ill nursing home residents in Illinois has the potential to transform the state's long-term system. It also likely will have a ripple effect on the field nationwide.

Illinois task force offers recommendations to reform nursing home system

The Nursing Home Safety Task Force commissioned by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (D) released its recommendations for reforming that state's long-term care system on Friday.