Using multiple blood pressure drugs linked to higher mortality


Long-heralded for saving lives, blood pressure medicines could have serious consequences among the over-80 elderly with low systolic blood pressure when multiple kinds are used, researchers announced this week.

Aggressive blood pressure treatment does not increase fall risk after all, study says


Taking aggressive measures to lower older adults' blood pressure may not increase their risk of falls, contrary to conventional wisdom, according to recently published research findings.

Chronic skin ulcers are among top comorbid conditions associated with dementia, researchers find


Chronic skin ulcers and heart issues are among the comorbidities that are significantly linked with the presence of dementia, according to recently published research findings.

White women still constitute majority of oldest LTC residents, CDC finds


Elderly white women still make up the majority of the oldest nursing home residents, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, although other researchers have found the number of white residents is on the decline.

The secret to success: Take it easy

The secret to success: Take it easy


Attention all strivers and overachievers. You should slow down and not push yourself too hard, two new studies suggest.

Diet restrictions might not matter after a certain age, study finds


Restricting the diet of people 75 and older may not make them healthier, according to a recent study.

Study links low wages with hypertension

Employees with the lowest wages have a higher risk of hypertension than those with top wages, according to University of California-Davis researchers. The correlation between lower socioeconomic status and hypertension was unexpectedly strong with women and individuals in the 25-to-44 age range, investigators found.

Higher blood pressure may indicate better health in the very elderly, study finds


While it seems counterintuitive, new research indicates that seniors with higher blood pressure rates may actually be healthier.

Adults with risk factors for vascular disease could suffer from cognitive decline later in life, study reveals

Those who smoke, are overweight, or have high blood pressure are more likely to have cognitive challenges later in life, a new study suggests.

Half of worldwide Alzheimer's cases are preventable, study suggests

Many Alzheimer's disease cases can be prevented by making healthy lifestyle changes that are often associated with preventing other chronic health conditions, new research shows.

Tai chi improves mood and quality of life in heart failure patients, report says

Tai chi exercises might be able to help improve heart failure patients' quality of life, mood and confidence, new research finds.

New research highlights problems with beta-blockers for hypertension among seniors

Beta-blockers, a once-popular treatment for seniors with high blood pressure, are now known to be less effective at preventing stroke than other blood pressure treatments. New research from the University of Leicester sheds light on some reasons why.

Middle-age smoking, high blood pressure and diabetes raise dementia risk

Those who smoke, or suffer from hypertension or diabetes during their middle-age years have a higher risk of developing dementia later, according to a new study.

U.S. life expectancy rises to new record in 2007

U.S. life expectancy rises to new record in 2007

Life expectancy in the United States reached a new high in 2007, according to preliminary data released Wednesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Meanwhile, the mortality rate fell for the eighth straight year.