Daily Editors' Notes

Daily Editors’ Notes

Wonderful new tech tools that just might put you out of business

Tech tools are certainly helping operators improve care and their bottom lines. It seems like hardly a day goes by without a new app, tool or software application riding to the rescue. But as anyone who has ever had to deal with tech support can attest, technology is great — when it works as intended.
Elizabeth Newman

Sugar pills offer hope for chronic pain

When I was in the hospital recently, I basically demanded that anyone visiting me bring me a milkshake. For a solid week, the taste of cold, chocolate goodness instantly would make me feel better, often even more than the generous narcotics being offered. That’s why it’s no surprise to me that Northwestern University researchers have…

The wrenching decision of receivership

Inadequate Medicaid reimbursement led the Matney family to make a wrenching decision at the end of July: To ask the state to take over the nursing home that had been in their family for 40-plus years.

Male incontinence: How to address it

In general, I am loathe to make too much of differences between men and women, but that’s especially true it comes to long-term care. After all, no matter who you are, chances are quality of life, dignity and proper treatment are important to residents and their families.
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