AHCA members zero in on quality on Capitol Hill

AHCA members zero in on quality on Capitol Hill


Providers will focus on promoting solutions to the "doc fix," bad debt and the observation stay loophole during visits with their Congressional representatives Tuesday. And they shouldn't forget the power of offering solutions to lawmakers who are constantly contending with gridlock, the head of the American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living said at the group's spring "fly-in" gathering.

Developmental disabilities services providers get their say on Capitol Hill

The America Health Care Association will host its annual Developmental Disabilities Providers Congressional fly-in event Wednesday in the nation's capital. In the morning, healthcare providers serving this population will hear from top guest speakers and also receive an overview of current legislative issues facing them. Visits to legislators are on tap for the afternoon. These are special opportunities to meet with lawmakers, and their key staff members, who can impact policy for DD residents and caregivers.