Fall Prevention

Study: Fall detection devices 'aren't properly tested'


Pouring over nearly 120 worldwide studies on fall-prevention technology, investigators found that the majority were tested in lab settings utilizing students, and some used mannequins to simulate falls. Zero, they said, tested fall tech with seniors in real-life environments.

Finding balance and lighting the way

Finding balance and lighting the way


Most of our patients over 80 have vestibular deficits, and that's why they fall.

Falls can cost more than an arm and a leg

Falls can cost more than an arm and a leg


Long-term care operators have many good reasons to keep resident falls to an absolute minimum. Yet it's amazing how blasé we've become about the damage that falls inflict.

AHRQ to host webinar on fall prevention

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality will host a webinar on fall prevention in long-term care facilities on Aug. 13, from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Consider innovative partnerships to reduce falls, experts say


Senior care stakeholders should consider creative partnerships to reduce falls, according to an expert on a National Council on Aging/IlluminAge Communication Partners webcast yesterday.

Research organizations team up for large-scale senior fall prevention study

Research organizations team up for large-scale senior fall prevention study


Two research organizations are teaming up for a major study to reduce the number of fall-related injuries among seniors. Provider input is requested.

Study: Residents with multiple diseases, urinary incontinence at high risk for falls


Nursing home residents who have multiple diseases are most prone to falls, according to a study recently published in the journal BMC Geriatrics. Urinary incontinence, antidepressant use, multiple medication use and arrhythmias also were strongly associated with falls.

'Magic carpet' could prevent nursing home falls, researchers suggest


The placement of plastic optical fibers under a carpet or flooring has the potential to greatly reduce falls among nursing home residents, an interdisciplinary team of researchers said at a scientific conference this week.

Crest Fall Fighter Fall Management samples available

Crest Fall Fighter Fall Management samples available

Crest Healthcare Supply now offers a free sample from its Fall Fighter Fall Management product line. The line includes a string monitor, bed and chair monitors and a variety of universal sensor pads. Crest also offers a related training video and case study.

Lessons learned from analyzing fall prevention programs

Lessons learned from analyzing fall prevention programs

Falls in the elderly can be a devastating event. They are the leading cause of hospital admissions for trauma and the leading cause of injury deaths for this age group, and amount to a direct medical cost of nearly $20 billion per year in the United States alone.

Exercise programs help prevent falls in Parkinson's disease patients, study shows

Exercise programs are effective in preventing falls in individuals with Parkinson's disease, according to new research.

Seniors prone to falls are less able to adjust to poorer vision, study finds

Seniors prone to falling might do so because they fail to adjust their walking speed to their vision impairments, new research finds.

Premier fall prevention and restraints agreement is clarified

Both Personal Safety Corporation and Posey Company were awarded a dual source three-year Premier Purchasing Partners fall prevention and restraints agreement. Last week's item in the McKnight's Product Buzz did not mention Personal Safety Corporation's involvement.

AGS issues fall prevention guidelines

AGS issues fall prevention guidelines

Interventions to prevent falls among the elderly should include an exercise component, according to new fall prevention guidelines from the American Geriatrics Society and the British Geriatric Society.

They can dance if they want to: Dance therapy helps reduces falls risk among seniors, study finds

Seniors who undergo "dance therapy" typically have improved levels of balance and gait, as well as overall functionality, which helps to reduce their risk of falls, according to new research.

Acting surgeon general stresses falls reduction as part of 'healthy homes' program

Acting surgeon general stresses falls reduction as part of 'healthy homes' program

Acting Surgeon General Steven K. Galson, M.D., said this week he will make prevention of senior falls one of the top priorities of his new program, "The Surgeon General's Call to Action to Promote Healthy Homes."

Doctors warn: Non-payment for patient falls could lead to increased use of restraints

New regulations that stop payments to hospitals for treatment after potentially preventable patient falls could backfire, leading instead to increased use of restraints, a Harvard Medical School physician and colleagues are warning.

Seniors urged to overcome health worries to improve mobility

Cautioning elderly people from attempting to do too much physically is actually counterproductive, researchers suggest. They say that many seniors who worry about their health or possible negative outcomes from exercising instead choose to remain inactive, therefore causing greater potential harm later in life.

Group launches project to predict, prevent falls in nursing homes

An Illinois-based company has kicked off a multi-state project designed to help predict falls among assisted living and skilled nursing facility residents.

Study shows simple foot exercises significantly decrease seniors' risk of falls

Seniors who perform simple ankle and foot exercises a few times per week can noticeably improve their strength and balance, according to recent research.

Fall prevention training shows positive results in research environment

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have been working on a way to "inoculate" seniors against falls. Those efforts appear to be paying off, according to recent reports.

Study: Proactive measures can halve the risk of hip fractures in seniors

Taking proactive steps, including using certain tests and medications, can help reduce hip fracture rates among those at risk by as much as 50%, according to a new online study.

Anti-frailty pill on the horizon?

Researchers in Virginia have identified a drug that has increased muscle mass in older, frailer people.

Study: Sleep helps older women prevent falls

Women aged 70 or older who receive less than five hours of sleep per night are at a greater risk of falls, according to a recent study.

Advancing Excellence campaign receives major grant from Commonwealth Fund

The Commonwealth Fund has awarded a $474,000 grant to the steering committee of the Advancing Excellence campaign, a two-year campaign that aims to improve care in the nation's nursing homes.

Fracture risks among elderly rise after hospital visits

People in their 70s who were hospitalized showed a threefold increase in the risk of bone fractures during the year following admission, according to a new report.

New falls risk research afoot

There are many common risk factors associated with falls: reduced strength, balance difficulty, vision problems, and use of multiple medications are a few. But researchers in Boston are turning their attention to lesser known and often misunderstood risks.

Fall-prevention awareness can cut ER visits, save money, state finds

Fall-prevention education can help reduce the number of emergency-department visits and healthcare costs in Connecticut, a state-funded report found.

Study: Falling like 'parachutist' lowers seniors' hip fracture odds by 70%

If falling seniors tumble like a landing skydiver-and do it promptly-they can reduce their likelihood of a hip fracture by 70%, University of Michigan researchers say.