Face Masks

Pride by association for long-term care pros

Pride by association for long-term care pros


At their blandest, associations can be conglomerations of disparate members, known for collecting dues for unrecognized purposes and forming mission statements that are forgotten quicker than they are created. But when they get something right, the meaning and impact of their work can bring no bigger smile to your face.

Virus-destroying face mask to be distributed to nursing homes

A medical face mask that catches and destroys 99.9% of infectious viruses - and kills them within five minutes - has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The masks have been approved for use in nursing homes and other healthcare settings. The product, called BioMask, has been shown in laboratory tests to be effective against anthrax and several influenza strains, including H1N1 (swine) and avian flu. The mask can be worn for more than five hours but should be replaced if it comes into contact with blood or other bodily fluids, according to a government release.