Presenter Rob Accetta

Providers face numerous challenges and risks when it comes to crushing or compounding medications in the new world of PDPM, USP, NIOSH, OSHA and CMS. A special McKnight’s Feb. 12 webinar will delve into new standards for handling meds in long-term care facilities.

Experienced clinicians and educators will lead the session, which starts at 1 p.m. ET. Featured speakers will be Rob Accetta, a board certified pharmacist and the president/owner of Rivercare Consulting LLC, and Laurie Sheffield, MSN, DNP. A corporate clinical educator, she holds Doctor of Nursing Practice credentials and is an adult nurse practitioner.

Attendees will learn why you need to be aware of the new standards for handling medications, from ordering to dispensing to disposition, and all the steps in between. See why crushing a pill can put you or your patient at risk. 

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