The pandemic has revealed just how important air quality is. A webinar to be held Feb. 18 at 1 p.m. ET — which has been approved for one continuing education credit — will talk about the long-term impact of breathing bad air and how poor-quality air relates to respiratory illnesses such as COVID-19.

Jesse Coiro

Jesse Coiro, director of growth and strategic initiatives at Erlab Inc., will be the presenter during “Reducing Aerosolized Pathogens and PM2.5 — Improving the Air We Breathe.”

Among the topics he will discuss:

  • Technologies currently available for the mitigation of aerosolized viruses’ mitigation  
  • How these technologies work, their effectiveness, limitations and implementation
  • Separating fact from fiction — What can be done now to reduce the risk of airborne exposure and improve the air we breathe?
  • Review of CDC & ASHRAE guidelines and recommendations
  • The challenges long-term care communities have and will continue to face during and after the pandemic

Those who listen to the webcast will be eligible to receive one continuing education credit. Register here.