The next McKnight’s Product Theater offers something for those in skilled nursing and senior living segments, with insights on how to create a pipeline of caregivers and deploy touchless patient monitoring tools.

David Hamel, Vayyar

Starting at 10 a.m. ET on Aug. 26, these two, concise and informative sessions aim to help providers run a more successful business.

Join us for Session 1 at a 10 a.m., “Improving resident care with smart touchless technology,” sponsored by Vayyar and presented by Vayyar Home Regional Sales Manager David Hamel. He’ll discuss a new tool providing instant fall detection and 24/7 patient monitoring without cameras, buttons, cords or wearables.

At 10:30 ET, Session 2 examines “How to build your own pipeline of caregivers.” Sponsored by Relias, and presented by Relias Product Manager Marissa Brinkman, this session describes how Relias’ certification programs can help operators create their own supply of nurse aides and home health aides.

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