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Continental Girbau Inc.

Category: Laundry-Dryers

Continental and Girbau Industrial dryers are available in 20- to 275-pound capacity single-pocket models, and 30- and 45-pound capacity dual-pocket stacks. Built-in features help prevent fabric damage, over drying and dryer fires. A Linen Life Extension moisture-sensing system features 12 programmable dryness levels from zero to 40 percent. When the load reaches its preset target level of dryness, the system shuts the dryer off to prevent over drying and potential linen loss. Equipped with highly flexible microprocessor controls, the dryers offer complete load-management control with multiple programmable cycle types, time-dry, auto-dry and moisture sensing. A vacuum-loading system is available on large-capacity dryers.

2500 State Road 44
Oshkosh, WI 54904
Tel: (800) 256-1073
Fax: (920) 231-4666



Key Staff

Joel Jorgensen


Laundry company creates Hurricane Harvey disaster relief program

Continental Girbau Inc. and its Houston distributor, Skyline Equipment Inc., have begun a disaster assistance program for Hurricane Harvey business victims.

200-pound capacity dryer added to line

Continental has added a 200-pound capacity dryer to its Pro-Series 11 dryer line. It is the largest dryer in the line.

60-pound capacity machine added to washer line

Continental Girbau Inc. has added a new 60-pound capacity machine to its E-Series line of commercial washer-extractors.