Diabetic Ulcers

Molecule could be harnessed to improve healing of chronic wounds, researchers say


Immune system cells in the skin promote wound healing by producing a particular molecule, according to newly published research. The discovery could lead to more effective treatments for diabetic ulcers and other chronic wounds common in the elderly.

CellerateRX added to Golden Living's preferred products list

Nursing home giant Golden Living has added CellerateRX to preferred products list, according to an announcement from Wound Management Technologies. The product is used for the treatment of diabetic ulcers, cuts, scrapes, burns and blisters. The fast-acting gel works by delivering activated collagen to the treated area, which helps quicken healing times.

Fibrous glass material heals hard-to-treat diabetic wounds and ulcers, research finds

A revolutionary borate glass nanofiber material appeared to speed up healing and repair long-term wounds in eight out of 12 diabetic patients with venous stasis wounds, according to new research.

Experimental treatment might help slow-to-heal wounds

Researchers have found what they hope is a promising approach to treating diabetic wounds, bed sores, chronic ulcers and other slow-to-heal wounds.