Deep Brain Stimulation

Johns Hopkins surgeon implants 1st U.S. brain 'pacemaker' for Alzheimer's disease


In an effort that is hoped to boost memory and reverse the mental slide of Alzheimer's sufferers, surgeons placed a pacemaker-like device into the brain of a patient in the early stages of the disease. The November operation was the first of its kind in the United States.

'New ground' broken in Alzheimer's, dementia research, scientists say

Deep brain stimulation, a procedure used to treat Parkinson's, epilepsy and chronic pain, enhanced the memory of epilepsy patients with memory problems, a small study has found. Neurologists say this result "breaks new ground" in exploratory treatments for Alzheimer's and dementia.

Deep brain stimulation holds promising results for Alzheimer's, study shows

Electrical stimulation appears to reverse some of the brain damage caused by Alzheimer's disease in people with early symptoms of the degenerative disorder, new research suggests.