With December nearing its end, we took the opportunity to see which blog postings at mcknights.com were the most popular with McKnight’s Long-Term Care News readers in 2019.

What we uncovered was an array of intriguing topics and deft compositions from our award-winning team of writers and contributors.

The list below details some of the top postings brought to you between Jan. 1 and Dec. 18. Check them out again, or if you haven’t seen them yet, by all means take a look. These are too good to miss.

• Top column by Editorial Director John O’Connor:

Nursing facilities might soon face another unfair burden

The Workplace Violence Prevention for Health Care and Social Service Workers Act (H.R. 1309) has many commendable components, O’Connor noted. But there’s one significant flaw: a new and unfair cost burden on providers and it’s not going to be pretty if this comes to fruition.

• Top column by Executive Editor James M. Berklan:

$15 per hour is way too low for this nursing home operator

It took a little extra courage and there were a few rough spots early on, but, as Berklan noted, one multi-site provider in Michigan and Ohio couldn’t be happier with the decision to make sure every employee earns at least $17 per hour. 

• Top ‘The Real Nurse Jackie’ column:

Documentation nightmares: so noted

Clinical exec, blogger and former director of nursing of the year Jacqueline Vance riffed on what long-term care floor nurses should be doing to make their patient notes more useful — and how managers are responsible for current levels of underdevelopment.

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• Top ‘The World According to Dr. El’ column:

The keys to reducing turnover in long-term care

Well-known long-term care psychologist Eleanor Feldman Barbera, Ph.D., broke down the numbers, causes and some potential cures for staff turnover. Included is an impressive list of resources.

Read more about “The World According to Dr. El” here.

• Top ‘Rehab Realities’ column:

PDPM: Keep calm and choose wisely

Therapy exec and blogger Renee Kinder went into fine detail about the mission of Choosing Wisely, which promotes clinician-patient dialogue, and how it dovetails with the Patient Driven Payment Model.

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• Top ‘Things I Think’ column:

It’s time for LTC consultants to change

Blogger Gary Tetz gave inimitable tongue-in-cheek homage to long-term care consultants, and told why they should become “insultants.”

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• Top ‘Living Leadership’ column:

7 steps to living leadership

Real-world advice and simple tips from LeadingAge mentor of the year and provider CEO Julie Thorson told how anyone can improve his or her leadership quotient with some basic attention.

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• Top Guest Column:

Maureen McCarthy

PDPM: New tricks from old dogs

Celtic Consulting’s Maureen McCarthy waxed eloquently on parallels between the onset of the Prospective Payment System in 1998 and the Patient Driven Payment Model, for which she also offered helpful insight.

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• Top Marketplace Experts Column

(Almost) Everything you wanted to know about PDPM but were afraid to ask

Relias Post-Acute Care Curriculum Designer Ron Orth, answered the most frequent provider questions he fielded in the months leading up to the historic kick-off of the Patient Driven Payment Model. Many are still valid and there’s a lot that can still be learned, even as providers head into their fourth month under PDPM. 

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