Maybe you’ve heard the one that starts like this: A long-term care administrator, director of nursing and resident walk into a bar …

If you have, please let me know how it ends. It must be the set-up for a great punch line.  (The best response placed in the comments below will get an appropriately themed prize. Go ahead, give it a shot.)

That prize will be real. Promise.

First, I thought make it free entry to the McKnight’s Online Expo March 21 and 22, but that wouldn’t be very sporting: Everyone gets into that free anyway.

So then I thought, hey, let’s make the prize free continuing education credits from the Online Expo. But then again, that wouldn’t work because those are free, too.

When you get around to doing something for the sixth straight year, you start to feel you’re doing something right. (Unless it’s freshman year of high school, that is. But I digress.) That’s where we are with the Online Expo: Six years and counting. Even registration comes at no cost.

This first-ever long-term care virtual trade show is growing by leaps and bounds. And the benefits for professionals such as you, dear reader, continue to expand.

Hear nationally known experts in their respective fields give you the very latest on subjects such as MDS 3.0, Accountable Care Organizations, how to avoid legal troubles with wound care programs, market conditions and tech trends.

Earn yourself continuing education credits — up to five — with just a twitch of your mouse. Remember: You can sign up with no obligation and then attend any of the five sessions you wish. Do it from anywhere you have a computer. Change your mind at the last minute? No problem, one way or another.

Don’t forget: It’s not all about only sitting down and getting educated by pros who have worked with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, major lenders, top providers or others.

There’s also a real exhibit hall to browse.

You want to see clever, responsive suppliers and vendors? You’ll find a bunch of them by clicking on one of their booths in our virtual exhibit hall. You have to love the little virtual men and women shown walking around it.

Leave the flying to us, as the saying goes. We’re bringing the whole gang to you. All you have to do is sign up on your own — no obligation, no nothing but possible upside for you and your career.

Because your job matters. And that’s no joke.

So what does happen when a long-term care administrator, director of nursing and resident walk into a bar? Let us know below (right after you’ve registered for the Online Expo).