The easy way to get LTC experts into your office

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James M. Berklan, McKnight's Editor
James M. Berklan, McKnight's Editor

Nobody should pass up the opportunity to have a nationally respected professional expert visit his or her office. The chance to get six in there in a short amount of time? Outrageous. Yet, it's going to happen.

It's outrageously good, that is. And it's going to happen to you — if you let it.

I'm speaking, of course, about one of the top free events of the year for providers: the McKnight's Online Expo. It comes to you, in your office — or wherever you choose to listen and watch with your computer.

It's obviously a provider favorite since more than 8,000 of them took part last year. McKnight's Online Expo exclusively offers you free webcasts, with free CE units attached.

Why do so many take part? To learn the very newest and hottest about MDS 3.0 and the Minimum Data Set in general from renowned expert Leah Klusch. Her session kicks off everything this year at 10 a.m. (Eastern Time) two weeks from today (March 20).

They come to hear the absolutely most reliable and most current market conditions from Michael Hargrave, vice president of NIC's NIC MAP service.

They're coming to hear from Joan Redden, the veteran LTC exec who leads the regulatory and consumer affairs section at Skilled Healthcare. She'll be discussing quality affairs — and how to steer clear of Intermediate Jeopardy citations.

Nursing and wound care expert Angel-McGarrity Davis also will be there, speaking with colleague Steve Bowman, MD. They'll give attendees a powerful look at factors that can help lower hospital readmission rates and ease transitions.

And then they're also going to be coming to find out just what is up with “the avatar guy.” No, not a movie of that name but rather one Timothy Bickmore, Ph.D., who will introduce you to the idea of using digital icons to ease your communication efforts with challenging residents. Sounds a bit other-worldly and it has me intrigued, that's for sure. The Northeastern University professor is truly one speaker you won't want to miss.

Don't worry about whether you've saved enough money to get “to” these sessions or whether you think you can afford to get the CEs that accompany them. Everything is free, as always, with McKnight's Online Expos.

Signing up now would not only be a good idea. It would be outrageous, for you and your career.


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