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Scroll down and you’ll see a new section.

“Shared Links” is located under “Latest Jobs” in the middle column of the home page. There is also a blue link to it at the top of the page called “Submit a story.” Click here to see it.

This element provides a unique function: It allows you, our readers, to contribute relevant stories from other Web sites to ours. To put it simply, this is your piece of real estate.

Here’s how it works: When you click “Submit,” you can add a story of interest to fellow readers to this section. To submit one, you can add the title and the link to the Web story. This could be any story on the Web that you think would be useful to McKnight’s readers. (Keep in mind, you do not have to write a story yourself! The articles you submit are stories you have viewed on other sites that you have found worthwhile.)

Another cool feature in this section is “Popular Items.” When readers click on this link, they can add or subtract points (like a thumbs up or thumbs down) for a particular story, depending on whether they like it. Stories will rise up or down in popularity in this section, based on readers’ opinions. Readers are also welcome to comment on stories.

Many of you out there are familiar with social networking. This is a Web term that refers to sites that allow readers to interact with each other. Facebook and Twitter are two examples.

“Shared Links” serves as a social networking tool for McKnight’s. It gives us another way to connect with its readers. So give it a try!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

Another new addition

Starting Friday, May 1, McKnight’s is launching its Weekly Roundup newsletter. This weekly e-newsletter presents the major stories of the past week and offers insight on what long-term care providers can look forward to in the week ahead.

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