McKnight’s Online Expo is here at last

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It’s OK to admit, loyal McKnight’s readers, if you are beginning to tire of our frequent e-mail, Web and magazine reminders of the Online Expo. I sympathize and am happy to inform you that the promos are ending. The Expo is here!

Wednesday and Thursday (as you probably already know), McKnight’s will hold its third annual virtual trade show. It promises, as has been the case in the past, to be an informative and overall cool affair. If you have a hard time believing that there could be an actual trade show on the computer, then you must check this out. (Oh. I’m plugging the show, aren’t I? Well, I said the advertisements “are ending,” not “ended.” There are still TWO MORE DAYS!)

Seriously, this Web show impresses me (and I am not easily fascinated by high-tech things). You can virtually walk through the trade show floor—and it looks like a real one. Seventeen vendors will be exhibiting.

As an editor, I am particularly excited about the five webcasts that will take place. They promise to offer interesting and educational material about technology, wound care, payment, capital and policy. My talented and experienced editors, John O’Connor and Jim Berklan, and I will be moderating the sessions.

So at risk of sounding like an ad you have seen before, come take a look! The Expo is free and you can earn up to five continuing education credits. Did I mention that you can save on travel, hotel and conference expenses?

Now that was shameless.

To sign up, go to

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